2017-12-13 08:33:22

British Club - Christmas

Članice skupine British club, uz asistenciju učiteljica Snježane Marković-Komarice i Dubravke Kafadar, izradile su pano na temu Christmas.

Christmas is a Christian holiday to remember the birth of Christ. It is celebrated all over the world. On Christmas Eve, most families decorate a Christmas tree and children hang up their Christmas stockings hoping that Santa Claus or Father Christmas (in the UK) will fill them with presents.

The Christmas tree is relatively new; it came from Germany sometime in the 19th century. In England it became popular after Prince Albert (the husband of Queen Victoria) put one up at Windsor Castle in 1841. Every year, a huge Christmas tree stands in Trafalgar Square in London. It is an annual gift from Oslo, the Norwegian capital, to the people of London. A traditional Christmas dinner in Britain consists of roast turkey with various vegetables, followed by Christmas pudding which is a heavy sweet pudding with lots of dried fruit.

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