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Ukupno: 2002797
Ovaj mjesec: 2671
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The Project "ACT FRIENDLY" in short is a Project whose main goal is to create awareness among the society, the parents and the schools with the aim of abolishing all kinds of bullying with the cooperation of students themselves, parents, pschological counsellors and teachers. To do this, we are trying a different strategy; in this Project we use ACTIONS as a tool, not as an aim to reach the results of our Project and above all, we apply Proactive Guidance to our students. These ACTivity types have different uses and benefits for the students in our schools as physically, verbally, behaviorally and psychologically. As you can guess, these titles also belong to types of Bullying. But our students will take these benefits without noticing the aim directly. They will play sports games, sing songs, write their own poetry&plays, ACT in drama plays,watch films and become coaches to their peers. Because let alone bullying or being bullied, only witnessing these situations may cause long term negative effects. So, while we are doing Proactive Studies to prevent them, we designed this Project like a game and chain of Activities to build and strengthen their FRIENDSHIPS to give up behaving improperly and badly to their peers.These issues will be handled at the meetings done in each country with the attendance of school counselling service, students, psychological counsellors and teachers. These meetings will be about enhancing self-control, anger management, developing social skills, improving empatizing, suitable problem solving skills and above all; peer-coaching & proactive guiding which are the most effective ways.

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